One. Ding. Only.
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Ding! Who said that? I'm looking for a Windows (XP) utility that logs which apps send sounds to the speaker, so I can tell where random little dings and stuff come from.
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Best answer: This is, it turns out, Really Very Hard to do.

Tried to write a program to do it, even. Best I can figure, the only way to make it happen is to: 1 - write a sound-driver to intercept all the things that play sounds through the high-level APIs; and 2 - write an interrupt handler to intercept the things that try to beep the motherboard beeper, which goes through an entirely different code path.

Don't want to discourage you, and I really hope I'm wrong, but my research (a few months ago) was very discouraging.
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I think you could also accomplish this without writing a driver by using code injection and then wrapping all of the sound APIs, but yeah it's still a lot of work and a lot of trouble.
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Oh and if you're talking about apps that play by the rules and install entries in the system sound scheme (as opposed to those that just blindly output sounds) then there's already a list of all sounds broken down by program in the control panel sound applet, and you can mute them all at once from there.
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Response by poster: DaveP, thank you for your sanity-preserving words. I thought I must've been the Worst Googler Ever for not being able to find the presumed plethora of preexisting programs to solve precisely this problem.

Stuff like this is what keeps me out of programming. All the easy stuff has been done, and all the stuff I want to do is not exactly newbie-friendly. I'd rather amuse myself other ways and let the graybeards tear their hair out. ;)

Rhomboid, you'd laugh if I saw what I did a couple years ago: Recorded my voice saying things like "Close Program" and "Default Beep", a different little snippet for every assignable sound in Control Panel, and then assigned them all, one-to-one. Made it really easy to figure out what was being indicated, but not by whom. It was the world's most humorless sound scheme, which actually made it pretty hilarious.
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Nothing to contribute, just wanted to say I love you sound scheme.
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