Where to Pre-Order the New iPhone 4
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I'm planning on pre-ordering the new iphone tomorrow. I'm eligible for the AT&T upgrade plan. Is there a price difference between ordering it at an AT&T store versus an Apple store? I thought is was the same in terms of price, but a friend recently told me the discount was larger at the AT&T store. Thanks for the help!
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If you qualify for a plan discount (through your employer, for example), you'll probably have an easier time getting your plan details sorted out at the AT&T store.
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Best answer: The discount is the same everywhere. The Apple Store interfaces with AT&T, so there shouldn't be any real difference in ordering from them. Either way, you may be charged an $18 "upgrade fee." You can determine if this is the case if you dial *639# (i.e., *NEW#) in your phone.
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When I got my first iPhone they excluded employer discounts. I wonder if the new one is more flexible? I've used my corporate discount at the Apple store for other things (MBPs, AppleCare) and they just have to look it up in a book. There is probably different discount rates for a given corporate entity between Apple and ATT, so you may want to check both.
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In regards to employer sponsored discount on the service plan, I don't think it matters where you go. When I wanted to apply my discount, I just had to go to their website, verify my employment by email, and register my phone number. As for discounts on iphones, I've never seen a sale/promo rate/discount on a brand new one.

I see that you're in NYC. I HIGHLY recommend James Gantt at the ATT store in Times Square. He is exceptional at his job and helped me sort out the 6 iphones under my name. He's super awesome. Promise.
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FYI you can pre-order at Best Buy stores tomorrow as well, and pick the phone up one release day, if you prefer that method. You could possibly circumvent the crowds at AT&T / Apple stores this way.
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I wonder if the new one is more flexible?

We get an 18% discount through my partner's employer subdivision. You just have to ask, most times.
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