Unique Hotels In Columbus OH
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Help me find some place out of the ordinary, unique and/or quirky to stay in... Columbus Ohio?

Later this summer my husband and I will be visiting friends for an extended weekend in Columbus Ohio. Our daytime activities are solidly booked, but we will not be staying with them. I'd like to take this opportunity to stay somewhere unique or special.

I'm open to pretty much any option. A killer B&B somewhere would be just as good as a super luxury hotel with a bed so comfy we'd hate to leave it. But if there's a boutique hotel somewhere with themed rooms we'd be just as open to that as a clean/non-skeevy place geared towards more "adult" activities. We're open to the greater Columbus area, as our friends are in one of the little side 'burbs, and we'll have a car.

I've done some preliminary looking online, but am coming up with positive reviews and rankings for places like Best Western, and that's really not what we have in mind. Thank you in advance!
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I would suggest either The Lofts (luxury boutique hotel located downtown) or 50 Lincoln, a quirky little B&B with art themed rooms in the Short North.

The Lofts: http://www.55lofts.com/

50 Lincoln: http://www.columbus-bed-breakfast.com/
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I haven't stayed here, but German Village Guest House is in a really charming neighborhood and very close to the Short North.
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We stayed at The Lofts mentioned above after our wedding, and it was fabulous. I would highly recommend it.
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I second the german village guest house. I gave a gift certificate from the GVGH to my parents (who live an hour away) and they loved it.

Plus, I had to arrange picking up the gift cert with the owner and he was a great guy and made it very easy.
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We also stayed at the Lofts after our wedding, and I can give it another hearty thumbs up.
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There are a handful of options on Airbnb.com.
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Well, I suggested the German Village Guest House to my husband who was super excited to be near the Book Loft and the bakery with the amazing macaroons. Sadly, it is completely booked the weekend we'll be in town, but that is our plan for our next weekend trip (to book well in advance). That seemed pretty much perfect for our needs.

I'm not sure yet what we're going to do as an alternative (though the Lofts are pretty tempting), but thank you all for your suggestions.
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