Can text be made to "wrap to window" in WordPerfect X3?
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I am in a new environment where the computers are locked down and are well-configured to use WordPerfect X3 rather than MS Word. The one feature I badly miss, and haven't been able to locate anywhere, is the equivalent of of the MS Word "wrap to window" option, which will flow text to the width of your word processing window rather than always displaying it at the width of the printed page. This feature makes multiple-window desktop arrangements feasible. Despite web searching and kicking the tires in WordPerfect X3, I haven't been able to locate this feature. Is it hidden somewhere? Or does it not exist?
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It's been a while but I seem to remember that WP had a draft view mode and a page layout view mode, the former being just plain text that should wrap to the window size and the latter being the full rendering of what it will look like on the page with actual margins and everything. Maybe look in the View menu?
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can you go online at all? google documents lets you do this.
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You're presumably asking if Wordperfect X3 has a view mode like Word's (W2003+) "Reading Layout". As far as I can tell, no, it doesn't. You're best bet is to size the windows the way you want them, view in draft mode and zoom to the margin width. It's not the same, but it's the closest WP can get to what you want, I think.
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