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I admire the discipline of people who do an every-day project, like Noah Kalina and friends taking pictures of themselves. Jason Santamaria has a daily photo section on his site. Dean Allen posts daily pictures of his cool dog. Stormtroopers 365 was all the way fun. Cory Walker used to post a new drawing every day on his blog. What other similar blogs/projects do you know?

Preferably ones that aren't "XYZ daily picture," as they seem to be popular (yes, I know 365project.org).

Also, is there a list or directory of these type of projects?
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You might be interested in 750 Words, which is a site that facilitates daily writing. Related to your question insofar as you might find that with its support, you can do an every-day project yourself!
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Best answer: Skull-A-Day is really neato.
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Best answer: Daily Coyote. I think the woman who runs that does something similar with her companion site Honey Rock Dawn.
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Best answer: I love Lunch Bag Art.
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Best answer: wearing the same dress every day for a year- black dress, brown dress

Index card wisdom, every weekday

Also, Julie & Julia inspired a variety of cooking blogs that aren't too hard to find ("every day for a year")
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Best answer: A Collection a Day, 2010
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Momentile is a site where people post one photo a day. The idea is to try to capture the one moment that embodies the entire day. I find it a delightfully futile enterprise (I mean seriously, one photo to represent an entire day?!).
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Best answer: American Elf is a very sweet and funny daily comic drawn by James Kochalka. He's been doing it for many years now, with very few missed days--pretty impressive.
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Best answer: Dilar Pereira's been doing the Daily Collage Project since 2006.
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Three Beautiful Things.
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Best answer: Well before the world went crazy for Julie/Julia, Jess Thompson at Hogwash wrote a recipe a day for each day of 2007. Well written, and gorgeous food.
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Creative Everyday.
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Best answer: I don't know if it's inappropriate to self-link in this context, if so I'd invite deletion of this comment, but per this Projects post I've been blogging my daily lyric/poem/whatever writing project for quite a while. Detailed explanation of the slightly complicated organization and presentation of what are actually 2 related projects here.
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Best answer: This year's (I realize it's not daily, but think long-term!) Arrow of Time update is due in just 3 days. I'm looking forward to it. Been following them since I was in college.
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100words.com -- One hundred words written every day (on honor system) and if you've written your 100 each day for the month just ended, that months hundreds will get posted on their site. Surprising (to me) how much can get said in 100 words. But also how little, which taught me what little I know about editing, cutting to essential, to get a thought expressed in 100 words.
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Best answer: (self-link)

What Are You Wearing Today? (warning: Flash) is my pseudo-homage to Tehching Hsieh (a previous, and more elaborate, comment about Mr. Hsieh in a thread on Marina Abramovic). It's a self-portrait every day for a year with my head shaved at the beginning and I'm also wearing the same pair of jeans throughout. The two details are, in a way, a measure of time and proof of the experience.

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Sorta self-link to pictures (mine) of shoes (not mine).

(btw, fpp'd!!)
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Laser Bread
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I was surfing the line of (seemingly random) "next blog" links the other day and came across the crazy atom orbit. It's daily artworks, paintings and collage-type things. Quite wonderful. Recent favourites are "Fish Out of Water", "Hot Day", and "Summer Trees" #1 and #2.
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Best answer: Champ 2010 (previously) is a web-comic by one Jed Collins, who is attempting this in lieu of drinking this year. He's been pretty consistent, though there are odd few missing here and there.
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The blog Drawn! links to a lot of these, with a focus on cartooning and illustration. One that I remember is Dude-a-Day.
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I was going to recommend i heart strangers from Denver but I guess a few weeks ago, he decided to end the project. well, at least you can comb through the archives...
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Eyes & Skies
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A 2006 365 project by noise/mashup/British humour act V/Vm, whose latest incarnation is as The Caretaker and Leyland Kirby.
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Seconding American Elf. It's amazing how complete a picture of his life you get after reading it for awhile.
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Inside the Perimeter
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody for your answers!
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A Collection A Day is lovely.
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Best answer: Jonathan Mann's Song A Day
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What I Ate For Lunch and Why details what Emily ate for lunch each day and why. I find it very funny.
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