Tweak this Open Office database/mailing label problem
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Creating labels using a database in Open Office: peculiar twist and can't figure out the solution.

This is is for a simple project, but the geek in me is frustrated that I can't tweak it simply, rather than the kludgy way I've been doing it.

I'm creating a sheet of address labels with many different addresses that are in an Open Office database. I'm not using a template, but a custom format that I've had to tweak a little.

These are the two ways I've gone about it and the problems I've encountered:

1. When I automatically let Open Office add in the addresses from the database, it stops with just the dozen addresses I have, then the resulting file is read-only and I can't fill in the remaining blank labels with copy and paste.

2. When, instead, I just create the custom formatted labels as blank in the first place and copy and paste in addresses, I discover that I need to tweak the spacing/margins and at this point I don't want to copy and paste all 60 labels again.

So either I need to know how to auto-fill the whole page to fix problem 1 or edit the format of the labels after I've already generated them to solve problem 2. Any help would be appreciated. I have a feeling I'm just missing something simple, so thank you in advance!
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To be honest I find labels in Open Office to be rather a lot worse than in MS Office. So, I have no suggestion for (1).

As for (2), have you looked into styles? A custom style can very easily adjust margins and line spacing.
posted by oddman at 8:51 PM on June 13, 2010

Have you tried the help forum? I searched for address +labels, but didn't see precisely your issue on the first screen. However, I bet you could get some good help there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas. I have been googling, but didn't try the help forum yet. To be honest I shelved the problem after I posted here, but will probably try to pick it up again.

oddman, I can try using a style. Problem is, this isn't the day job and I don't know OO or MS all that well. I'll see what I can hack out. ;)
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