Where can I find a black honed countertop supplier (either natural or composite)
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Where can I find a black, honed countertop similar to the one in this shot that isn't made of granite?

I'm in the middle of a bathroom renovation and I'd like to put in a new countertop and sinks. I love the sink in that shot, but I'm also married to the idea of a plain black counter that has a dull honed finish instead of a shiny one.

I love the natural look of an oiled soapstone, but there's no real soapstone on the west coast (most comes from Vermont). Everywhere I search I get results for granite and discussions of how awfully hard it is to keep honed granite clean, etc. so I'm probably not looking for natural stone (I like a uniform black).

I'd be open to any composite like Corian or Ceaserstone, but I can't seem to find dull black finishes from either. I've spent hours searching for every part going into my bathroom renovation, but for some reason I just can't find any good resources on a new bathroom countertop.
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What about black concrete? The sealer used is what makes this one shiny, but I've seen them with matte finishes.
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Here are more pictures with duller finishes.
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It looks like Corian makes a matte black (Nocturne) --- scroll down to the bottom for color sample.
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Soapstone is the answer. I don't understand why it's a problem that it isn't quarried on the West Coast. There should be plenty of distributors more local to you, even up in Oregon.

And if soapstone isn't the answer, maybe resin is. (Resin = the countertops in high school chemistry lab).
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For example: http://www.epoxyresintops.com/
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And to give you an idea of the cost: http://shop.chemtops.com/categories/Epoxy-Resin-CounterTops/
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That looks a lot like the material they make lab benches out of; usually some kind of resin, I think.

Here is a page from Apartment Therapy with some links and photos.
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Richlite makes a nice dark, even black.

Paperstone's version of black has a bit more color variation.
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We have paperstone in black and it looks exactly like that.
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These guys ship nationwide, and have some outlets in CA.
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Oregon soapstone
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I got my lab-top surface from Epoxyn. I loved it to bits. You can pour acid on it! Who doesn't need something like that!
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Another excellent lab-top option is the one we have in our new lab building: Trespa.
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Silestone, which is a quartz composite very much like Ceasarstone, is available in dark gray/black and with a honed finish.
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How about slate? We have it on the kitchen floor and on hearths and it's pretty durable and can look just like what you've got (not all slate is grey - it ranges from black to lightish grey and from green to a kind of plum colour).

FWIW, I've got polished black granite countertops in the kitchen and I really like them.
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Response by poster: Whoa, paperstone looks pretty good, I may go with that. Thanks all!
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M. Teixeira Soapstone II
725 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94107
p: (415) 401-7778

It's real soapstone (and its better replacement, serpentine).
I bought from them a few years ago. Fantastic material for countertops.
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