Make these shoes look brand new again
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How should I clean a grimy scruffy pair of rope-soled canvas slip-ons without ruining it? (These TOMS are the shoes in question)
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I have washed shoes almost identical to these in a standard washing machine. They did fall apart, eventually, but not because of the washing.
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From the Toms site faq (about halfway down the page):

How do I wash my TOMS Shoes?
We've found that washing machines tend to eat loose change, socks and gum wrappers. Save your TOMS from this sad fate! Hand wash them in cold water with a gentle detergent and let them air dry.
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Response by poster: Most TOMS shoes are rubber-soled, so I didn't think that the FAQ would apply to the rope-soled versions. The rope on my shoes is already fraying a fair bit, and I'm concerned that wetting it will make it worse. Is this a valid concern?
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The rope on my shoes is already fraying a fair bit, and I'm concerned that wetting it will make it worse. Is this a valid concern?

It should be fine. Aren't they made to be worn around water and other outdoorsy places where they might get wet? If the rope continues to fray and/or pull away, you can probably use a standard all-purpose glue to hold it back in place. You could contact the company and ask if you're feeling wary about it.
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Best answer: So these are espadrilles. I would hand wash, just wetting and scrubbing the canvas part. Stuff something (newspapers are usually recommended but I'd worry about the ink) in them while they dry to keep the shape.
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hey! i just threw my toms in the wash!

they're the normal rubber-soled kind, but everything turned out just fine. i washed them on hot/cold, and now they are air-drying. all seems to be the same.

great shoes, but man, do they get grubby fast.
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Response by poster: Espadrilles! I had to look that up, and yes, these are espadrilles. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, and I found a bunch of other tips on cleaning such shoes. Will give it a go this weekend.

I love these shoes but chickadee's right - they do look pretty worn out after a short time.
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