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I'm trying to remember the title of an animated NFB of Canada short done back in the 60s about the insecurities at play in human interactions. The characters were veiwed mostly in profile, then cross-sectioned so you could see the inner workings of their psycho-mechanics. I think the animator's last name was mostly made of consonants.
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Just in case it might jogs someone's memory, I think people had a little tadpole-like spirit inside their bodies that would climb a ladder to look out the eyes, basically driving them around like a tank.
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I'm not familiar with the short, but could the animator be Zlatko Grgić?
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No, I remember the visual style being a bit more austere. Maybe more like George Rouault.

...but I enjoyed watching Grgic's "Hot Stuff" again!
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I was just going on your "made of consonants" comment ;)

Maybe he/she is in this list?
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Thanks. Bretislav Pojar looks about right stylistically but I can't find the short anywhere under his name. It was probably made by an Eastern European person but maybe I was wrong to assume that it was produced at the NFB.
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Pojar's "To See or Not to See"?
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Bang on the mark, lunaazul! Thank you.

...and thanks for putting me on the right track, iconomy.

Askme is a fantastic resource.
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