Anywhere online I can rewatch the USA-English soccer match?
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Anywhere online I can rewatch the USA-English soccer match?

Was stuck doing a project all afternoon and missed the World Cup match. Don't have a DVR and didn't think to ask a friend to record, so does anyone know if it's been posted online somewhere? I'd love to watch it. Thanks.
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It should show up on shortly.
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yeah, Espn doesn't like some ISPs, Verison and Comcast included (not sure which mega-com-corp is being the asshole here), but if you live in one of the fortunate places, and have a small provider and can get their streams it should be up soon.
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:( Apparently I'm not one of the fortunate. Someone also suggested CBC, but the video doesn't load for me, maybe because of regional restrictions? Well, if someone stumbles on another site that has it, either streaming or for download, please post. Or alternately, if there's a way to get into the espn3 site (anyone with a spare login?), that would be great. Thanks thanks thanks.
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FQM pre'd an XviD release of the match about 90 minutes ago so check the usual haunts.
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Thanks rhomboid. Hurray.
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