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What is the best baby app for the iPhone? I'm looking for something that will enable me to track my 3-month-old baby's eating, sleeping, pooping and peeing. Bonus if there's mood-tracking and activity-tracking!

I've seen a few different apps but it is hard to figure out which would be best, so I ask those who have used these for their recs, including pluses and minuses of the apps.
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To not answer your question: once they get out of the newborn stage, there is virtually no need to record any of this information.

To answer your question: http://abcnews.go.com/m/screen?id=9334914
Trixietracker is supposed to be the best.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that I am mostly interested in her napping/sleeping at night, and less so with the pooping/peeing.

Thanks for that link.
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My friends use Total Baby on their iPod Touch for their 6-month-old and seem to really like it.
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I also use Total Baby for this and like it. I don't track that stuff anymore, but I do track height, weight, and vaccinations because my friends are always asking me about that I don't want to get out the baby book! I tracked sleeping well into 9 months just to track the patterns (we aren't much for scheduling). At some point I tried two other ones, but went back to Total Baby.
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I don't know about baby apps personally, but a blog I read, Young House Love, recommends Baby Brain (that links to YHL and their explanation of why they like the app and a few other baby things).
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babybix.com (free) and their free iPhone app
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