Recipes for someone on procarbazine
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What recipes compatible with procarbazine do you recommend?
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I wasn't familiar with procarbazine, so I googled it - it's a chemotherapy drug. Vincele, you obviously know this, I'm posting it for the benefit of other people reading the question.

This website says that you need to avoid foods high in tyramine. The "avoid" foods are:

* Most Cheeses
* Smoked or pickled fish
* Non-fresh meats
* Organ meats, especially liver
* Meat extracts
* Processed and mixed meat such as sausage, hotdogs, and bratwurst
* Processed and smoked meat such as bologna, pepperoni, salami, and summer sausage
* Fresh yeast extracts and brewers yeast
* Beer, ale, port, or vermouth
* Wine, especially aged or red wine such asChianti
* Distilled spirits (hard liquor)
* Otheralcoholic beverages and mixed drinks
* Alcohol-free or reduced-alcohol beer or wine
* Sauerkraut and other fermented foods
* Fava Beans (also called Broad Beans)
* Bananas
* Over-ripe fruit
* Cream from unpasteurized milk
* Unpasteurized milk or other products made from unpasteurized milk, such as fresh or raw milk cheeses

The "eat with caution" - no more than one serving per day foods are:

* Peanuts
* Yogurt
* Avocado
* Raspberries
* Soy sauce
* Chocolate
* Caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda

All information is from the linked website. Hopefully this will help others answer the question.
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With a long list like this of things to avoid, I would suggest that you start off with your regular diet and familiar recipes and modify as you go. Although if you parse the list about half of it is covered by eliminating alcohol, chocolate and caffeine, which is really not too hard to do. The rest is covered by avoiding cheeses and any pickled meats. So take a look at your regular menu and make adjustments as needed. It shouldn't be too hard.

Good luck with the therapy.
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Best wishes on your long-term recovery. Looking at the list that insectosaurus has posted, it is not as limiting as it would first seem. For instance,breakfast could consist of eggs, fresh fruit, a muffin or a donut and fresh-squeezed juice. I happen to love avocados. A half of one with some fresh greens and a little dressing with some crackers could make a nice lunch. Add a glass of pasteurized whole milk or a small glass of iced tea (your daily caffeine allowance) and maybe an oatmeal cookie for dessert.

Dinner is more likely limited by your appetite. Red meat and/or fish, as long as they are fresh and in reasonable portions, should be OK. Mashed potatoes, or rice or quinoa can go in the upper corner of the plate and nearly any fresh green or yellow vegetable can go in the other corner.

Go to and look at what might be appetizing to you and still fit into your limitations. Click on the picture and it takes you to the site that features that item. With a little bit of effort, there is a world of adventure out there that still fits into your requirements.
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Here's a pdf which also lists allowed foods for a low tyramine diet. It looks like you should be able to eat normally within reason.

I'd avoid anything (soup, pilaf) that might be made with bouillon cubes or powder, as they usually contain yeast extract. Also, if you're looking for convenience foods, you might want to stick to a health food store or store with a health food section and obviously don't buy anything with ingredients you don't recognize. Monosodium glutamate is listed as a food you need to be cautious with, and this ingredient can show up under a lot of different names. It would be easy for the amounts to add up.
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Thank you all so far for your suggestions, clarifications and well-wishes. I'm asking because I'll be cooking for someone going through their third cycle starting next week. Usually I just throw together boxed chicken broth, rice and an egg and call it soup, but I thought I'd ask Metafilter this time to see if anyone had any better suggestions.
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