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What recipes can I make that would taste good cold?

I'm taking a lunch to work and I don't have access to a microwave there. I take my lunch to work in a way too big cooler, so I don't have trouble keeping things cold. I'm getting a little sick of sandwiches!

I would prefer something easy to make, and/or something vegetarian, but I'm fine with anything tasty.
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Best answer: Pasta/couscous/quinoa salads. Cook the starch/grain, add veggies and a little dressing. Enjoy hot as a dinner and cold as lunch the next day.

Also, vegetables + blender = gazpacho
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hummus, gazpacho, some sort of salad (pasta, tuna, egg, etc.)
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Couscous salad, pasta salad, rice salad, potato salad.
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Best answer: Most grains lend themselves to cold service. 101 Cookbooks has several recipes that can be served either hot, warm or cold. Some to try (I've tried them and they are really good!):

Farro & Herbs

Asparagus and Brown Rice

Lazy Day Peanut Bowl

My own recent favorite is a bowl of steamed beets, walnuts, goat or feta cheese and a light mix of honey, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar (amounts are 'to taste'). Toss it all together and let sit for a little bit. It's great alone and also good mixed with fresh spinach or salad greens. Sometimes, I add some sort of whole grain and cooked mixed beans.
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Sweet potato salad.
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Marinated tofu is really good cold. Also, devilled eggs!
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My favorite cold meals right now: -
- marinated grilled chicken breast (tofu might be good) with some fruit salsa on it
- caprese salad (mozzarella/basil/tomato/balsamic/olive oil)
- avocado with a little dressing (Caesar or lime vinaigrette)
- cold pizza
- cold plate of some smoked meat (if you want meat) , some cheese, some fruit, slices of baguette or good crackers
I also copycat at home my favorite salads from Alon's bakery here in Atlanta
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Frittata is easy, endlessly variable, and is delicious at any temperature and any time of the day.
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I like Nigella Lawson's Cold Sesame Peanut Noodles.
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I love this lentil salad, especially the cucumber variation.
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Empanada : prepare a tomato sauce with onions, some peeled red pepper and tomato, garlic, some thyme. Add pilchard and tuna. Use some puff pastry to make a pie with the preparation. Then , put the pie into the oven. This is actually better tasting when it's cold.
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How about a traditional Italian antipasto platter, and maybe some crusty bread? Meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables (sweet pepper, plum tomato, zucchini), green onions and/or radhises with some sea salt, olives... I fill up my fridge with stuff like this from the Italian deli on Saturdays, then bring whatever i grab in the morning. It's delicious!
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Best answer: If you're using a big cooler, don't forget that coolers can keep hot things warm. Also, Thermoses or insulated lunch containers like Mr. Bento can keep things warm.
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I just ate left over pad thai without heating it up and it tasted great. You could try adding tofu to it too.
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Frittata was mentioned, here's another vote for Quiche.
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Cheese quiche. Om nom. (Oh snap, sniped!)
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Sushi! Honestly, the whole world of sushi opens you up to a variety of tastes, flavours and healthy foods. It's easy to make once you learn how!
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Best answer: A lot of blended (pureed) soups taste good cold. Try Googling recipes for these, and use vegetable stock (or water) if it calls for chicken stock:

Potato-leek soup

Fennel-leek soup (like potato-leek except with fennel and less potato)

Carrot-ginger soup (you definitely don't need a stock for this even if the recipe calls for it)

Pea and mint soup (you could add one more green to this, like asparagus or spinach)

Cucumber-yogurt soup (here's my rough recipe)

I recommend either Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone or Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian -- they both have lots of recipes and general tips for cold soup.
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Ice cream.
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Ok, personal favorite for cold food:

Cold somen (can be replaced with angel hair pasta) with eel sauce and sesame seeds.
Cold somen with lettuce, olive oil, and carrots.
Rice that has been rolled into a tube in seaweed, then refrigerated (YUM).
Onigiri of just about any type.
Spam (or any other meat) musubi
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I'm a fan of hiyayakko tofu. If you've never had it, I think you'll be surprised by how much greater than the sum of its parts it is.
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2nding strixus: I'm eating somen salad right now. You can easily vegetarianize it- just use cold leftover veggies to bulk up the salad rather than meat/fish. It's a nice, cheap summertime lunch. And like ramen in the winter, you can throw in all those leftover bits that aren't enough to make a whole meal on their own.
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Thai Noodle Salad. To. Die. For.
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Best answer: - rice salad
- pasta salad
- farro salad

- mixed salads of whichever variety

- boiled farro, cherry tomatoes, pesto

- crunchy veggies + a dip of choice

- frittata with whichever veggie you may fancy

- cold rice or wheat noodles with garlic + chili + sesame oil (i could go for weeks on this), some baby leek on top also fantastic

- roasted or grilled veggies

- veggie pies, such as quiches
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Best answer: ooh, my absolute favouritest bestest veggie pie in the world:
cook spinach, drain and squeeze well excess water, finely chop and mix with ricotta, liberal amts. of grated parmigiano and nutmeg, 2 eggs, salt+pepper, thyme or marjoram, mix thoroughly. Cover bottom and sides of a 2" tall pie tray with 1 disc of puff pastry, fill with filling, cover with another disc, seal edges and pierce top w/ a fork to let steam out, bake 45' to 50' at 330F until filling solid (but not dry) and pastry golden and nicely puffed up. A popular variation is, before covering, dig four egg-sized 'cavities' in the filling (with a spoon, or an egg) and break an egg in each, which will cook with the pie. (Torta Pasqualina, traditional genoese for easter monday outings)
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Pioneer Woman's springy shells recipe is great - basically a baked pasta primavera with ricotta cheese. It's very easy to put together and adaptable enough to use lots of different vegetables.

Quiche is also great, although I'd add that crustless quiche recipes are particularly good cold, especially if you've added sliced tomatoes to the top before baking.
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Cornish pasties.
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Tabbouleh salad!
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Fried chicken.
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Soba noodles!
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I've gotta second pad thaiā€”so good cold.
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Mm, seconding soba. Zaru soba!
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