Where can I find Uncle Seth's Cookies in Seattle?
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Where can I find Uncle Seth's Cookies in Seattle today?

I've been searching for Uncle Seth's Cookies (possibly manufactured by Mostly Muffins or Pinks Original Bakery) and have come up empty at Whole Foods, QFC, and the convenience stores I've tried looking in. Does anybody know where can I find them in Seattle?
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Response by poster: Thanks b1tr0t. Delivery is not an option, unfortunately. Looking for a place where I can walk into a store and buy it.
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From their website,
"You’ll find PINKS Original Bakery’s products in the leading grocery stores, cafés, corporations and coffee houses (like Tully’s!) all around the Northwest. "

So maybe try calling other grocery stores?
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OMG my boss brought some of these into work the other day and they were amazing! I *think* she said she got them at Thriftway, and I know she lives in the Edmonds area. I will ask her on Monday.

And I have to say, that is the least helpful website I have seen in a while.
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They used to carry them at Diva Espresso in West Seattle when I worked there part-time ages ago.

Be sure to check near the register, both the main registers and the ones in the bakery/deli sections. That seems to be where they're usually found, rather than with the other cookies or baked goods.
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Best answer: I literally just bought one from the QFC on broadway in cap hill (you piqued my interest) so there's another option for you!
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(The one on the north end of broadway, not down on pike or whatever. Though you'd have to imagine other QFCs would have them too.)
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Response by poster: Just bought the last 3 big ones at the Broadway QFC. Mission accomplished, thanks to all of you!
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