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I can get World Cup on broadcast TV through Univision, but the audio is... en Espanol. Searches for sports radio has all been boring sports shows. Is there any good (preferably radio based) English language solution? NYC Area.
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have you tried espn3 .com?
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In my experience, deciding that the action on the field is more important than what is being said about it, it's actually more enjoyable to watch a soccer game in Spanish (which I don't understand) than put up with the inane commentary of most American sports announcers.
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Where to Watch World Cup Streaming. Also previously.
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I heard that espn360 is streaming all the games over the internet. If you have ATT DSL, you usually have access for free.
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You can find the ESPN radio schedule here, and your local ESPN radio station here. WEPN 1050 should be carrying the games in NYC. iPhone access to the ESPN feed is available for a price, $3 for the app (iTunes link) plus $5 for access to every match. And here is ESPN's television schedule, note that two games each weekend are broadcast on ABC. USA vs. England is today at 2:30.
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When you click on ESPN radio and the popup window opens, make sure you click on "World Cup" on the upper left corner, rather than "Listen Live" that it defaults to (boring sports shows, although they sometimes play snippets of the game so don't be fooled by that).

Unfortunately I don't think computers have a notch filter, so you're stuck with the vuvuzela drone.
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I'm pretty sure that 5 Live is available internationally - please don't use ESPN if it is.
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Thanks for all the answers. I am watching Serbia v Ghana right now, with Eng. language broadcast on 1050 AM! Perfect!
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