Online multiplayer Mario Kart clone?
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Are there any online multiplayer web/PC racing games in the style of Mario Kart? I remember reading about such a game a couple of years ago, but I can't seem to locate it now.
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Response by poster: Thinking of something along the lines of QuakeLive that I can easily load up and play with friends or strangers. Anyone?
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Best answer: I think Track Mania has online multiplayer.
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Blur is a brand new game that's quite beautiful and has Mario Kart gameplay.
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Zero Gear.
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There's also Hover Kart Racing (and Hover Kart Battle) at OMGPOP.
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I second the vote for TrackMania. Played with an XBox360 controller it is a highly addictive thing.
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Seconding Zero Gear; the closest thing I know of. TrackMania isn't that similar, and Blur actually felt, to me, more like Wipeout on Wheels than Mario Kart. YMMV.
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