We'll need a bigger icebox, ma.
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[HomeApplianceFilter] So we've bought a new house...now we need furniture and appliances. But where to get them?

My family (my mother and I) moved into a new house and it has been an overwhelming process. This is the first home we own a house - we've only lived in/owned a condo unit before.

Right now we need a fridge as my mom is used to cooking almost everyday. We plan to go shopping tomorrow but have no idea where to begin. I've read a couple buying guides and I have a basic idea of brand names and different styles (top freezer, side, etc). We'd like the best bang of the buck. (She cooks for 2~4 people as family members often visit and I'd like to keep it below $1000)

We live in Austin, TX and have access to Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy, Fry's. Not against online shopping if they can deliver overnight or in a couple days.

(General tips and recommendations for other appliances such as washer/dryer are also very welcome.)

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I have no appliance buying experience, but also wanted to recommend Sears if there is one nearby, and if you have a warehouse club membership don't forget places like Costco or Sam's.
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No suggestions for where to buy, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get a fridge with the freezer on the bottom. It is SO nice to have all your refrigerated items at eye level, since you access that stuff 5x more than frozen items.

As for the stores you mention, I do prefer Lowe's. Never been to a Fry's. Don't like Best Buy for appliances.
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You can check out ratings of different appliances for free here
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We just bought a house last July, and got our appliances from craigslist. I had to watch the site pretty carefully for a week or two to get what I wanted, but we were able to score appliances that were around 1 year old for less than half of what we would have paid new. It's a gamble because you don't have the warranty, but for us it was worth it to save the cash upfront. If you get lucky, you can find furniture and appliances that are practically new - lots of times people get relocated for work and suddenly just need to dump everything before they move.
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Best answer: You might try stopping by Giant on North Lamar. They have dent and scratch appliances and their prices are good. My friends bought from them several years ago and were pleased. Home Depot and Lowes are also good choices to buy from online -- their prices are excellent and I believe they both have free shipping and delivery. Their in-store selection is not as good, however, so be sure to check them out on the web. Lowes is currently offering 10% off Energy Star appliances.

Don't know if you have an old fridge in the house right now, but if you can possibly wait, I'm sure there will plenty of big sales during the July 4th weekend.
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Shop around at showrooms, and get exact model numbers. Exact, including color and every other option. Google online appliance delivery or some such, call that guy, read him the model number, and what you think is the price to beat. He won't even know exactly what that model number represents, but he can have it drop-shipped to you. Avoid complications, and take curb delivery. Open the box and check for damage at the curb. Refuse to take it, or call the vendor before taking it, if it is damaged. You'll save 25% at least this way.

Subzero and some other brands won't allow this, but most do.
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I generally find that Sears has lower prices than Lowes. They've long sold appliances, and are extremely competitive.
Whatever you do, AVOID the service warranty - that's where they make money, and take yours.
Also, we've had bottom freezers for several years now, and I'll never go back.
The curb-side drop off is okay, but how will you get it into the house? Sears delivery has been good for us.
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if you happen to buy used appliances made by a company by a generous warranty program, you may indeed get service without being the original owner. like getting a brand-new one. you can't really plan on that happening, of course, but it is something to keep in mind if you have problems with a used appliance.
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There's an Ikea in Round Rock. In addition to home furnishings, they also have appliances, but I have no idea how reliable Ikea's appliances are.
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curb-side drop off is okay, but how will you get it into the house?

Whatever way is cheaper than the $50 per flight of stairs that some delivery people charge. $20 to two neighborhood teens?
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You can buy a one-month subscription to consumerreports.com for 5 or 6 dollars. I moved into a house about a month ago and have already started several searches by looking to see what they recommend in my price range.
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Response by poster: Good suggestions and directions - thank you everyone.

I will need to read them again in the morning when my head is clear.
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When I was young, poor, and needed appliances, I had very good luck at local fixit shops. They tend to inherit appliances that the owners deem too expensive to fix, then fix them up and resell them. You can often get surprisingly good equipment for surprisingly little money.
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In response to Dr. Zira, I believe ikea applicances are made by whirlpool
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Response by poster: The Bank (my mom) has decided that July 4th sales sounds very attractive and she will sustain the pain until then.

We are still going to Lowe's and Sears (and possibly Giants) to just take a look at the fridges today just to get a feeling.

Thanks everyone!
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