A vegetarian Jedi and a diabetic Kilrathi walk into the Gaslamp...
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I need options for feeding a vegetarian (dairy and eggs OK), two omnivores, and a diabetic (whole-wheat everything if possible, please)... in the Gaslamp District, during San Diego Comic-Con. Please hope me.

I'm squiring a couple of friends around SDCC this year. Between Mr. F and one of our guests, we have food restrictions-- Mr. F shouldn't be eating white carbs in excess, and our lady Jedi is a vegetarian who would die without cheese and eggs in her life. Italian food is out-- our Jedi despises eggplant and Mr. F can't cope with the carb load. The Jedi's husband and I will eat damn near anything as long as it doesn't make a try for us first. Everyone is culturally adventurous food-wise.

Anyone know what my options are in the Gaslamp proper for lunches? Options out near Mira Mesa for breakfast?

I've read previous questions and have Soltan Banoo (Persian) and Hamilton's Tavern (veggie-friendly pub) for dinners. My concern is solely around the Gaslamp District and the con center, and out near my hotel. Thanks!
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Last year I went to an Indian place, i think it was called Royal Indian, that was quite good, slightly pricey, but would totally fulfill all your criteria.
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Found on Yelp:
Salad Style
Royal India
Kebab Shop
Chopahn Afghan
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If I was going back to SD today, I'd make a return trip to Monsoon Fine Cuisine of India and order the mango soup. Not your typical Indian restaurant.
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You might call up Rei do Gado and see what vegetarian options there are. Fantastic restaurant that pretty much satisfies everyone else's requirements. Usually at a churrasco there is also a salad bar with uh, salad, but also things like farofa and feijoada. I know I've seen vegetarian feijoada as an option before, but I don't remember if that was in San Dog or not.

It's totally worth calling to find out - if everyone can find something to eat there, it's great fun. They often have fully decked-out samba demos, brazilian music, etc, and for the omni/carnivores - uh, don't eat that day before you go because you will want to stuff as much tasty, tasty meat in your face as possible.
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For lunches - top floor of Horton Plaza, and let everyone take their pick of wherever they want to go. It's all mall food court stuff, but you should be able to take care of everyone's needs.
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Or maybe Sammy's? It's Italian in only the loosest sense.
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pokez is our local awesome veggie hipster taco shop, and is walkable on a normal non-con day, but totally cab-able to save your poor feet. i think they have whole wheat tortillas, but i cant remember. either way, tasty.

i sing the praises of mary jane's at the hard rock hotel RIGHT by the convention center. diner style tastyfood.

if you wanted to cab it up to sushi deli, you'd find some tasty veggie options. it is your standard cheapy sushi place.

neighborhood has been hit and miss with me, but i still suggest it.

soltan banoo is faaaantastic but not anywhere near the convention. hamiltons does have veggie options but keep in mind - it is heavy pub food. also, hamiltons is at least a 10 min cab ride outside of the gaslamp quarter taking traffic into consideration. lastly, as a regular, it gets VERY VERY BUSY weekend evenings and also random times during the day.
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Things can get very pricey very fast at the SDCC. Last year was my first time there, and as a vegetarian rooming with two carnivores, it got annoying to say the least. My best recommendation to you is honestly to pack lunches. Hit a grocery store near your hotel the night before and stock up on chips, veggies, sandwiches, everything. It saves you a lot of money in the long run, and keeps you from having to hike all over the Gaslamp district to find a suitable restaurant. Also, you get to save money on lunches, and can take your time to find a nice restaurant for dinners later. We only did this the last couple days of the con, but we're certainly doing it every day this year!
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