Textbook store in Boston?
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I'm looking for a large-ish general (or political) textbook store in, or accessible from, Boston, preferably one open on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Basically, I need to acquire the book "Comparative Politics: Notes and Readings" by Bernard Brown (9th Ed.) ASAP.

I'd expected Google (or Google local, or Google answers, or the archives here) to easily answer the query; no such luck. Is there even such a thing as a textbook store? Some college-affiliated ones turned up but I'm not sure whether they'd have this and whether people unaffiliated with the college can randomly walk in. (Mine doesn't have it right now)
  • I'd like to be holding this thing in my hands by Monday evening, however I manage to procure it.
  • I'm trying to avoid ordering from Amazon because I've been 'sent' stuff at my current address that I didn't receive (not from Amazon though).
  • The Boston Public library seems to have a rather outdated edition, but I'll go check tomorrow anyway.
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Harvard Coop in Harvard Square serves the entire university. Give them a call and they can tell you if they have a copy in stock.

Same with all the other major universities. It's not restricted to students-only; in most cases these days, they're run by Barnes & Noble anyway...
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Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge has it, although you might want to call and verify that it's the right edition.
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OMG, Y'all like, saved my life. Thanks!
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Have you tried Avenue Victor Hugo used bookstore on Newbury Street (near Mass Ave) in Boston? As I recall they have a lot of political books.
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The Barnes and Noble in Kenmore Square is actually a BU bookstore -- the top two or three floors are just textbooks.
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ZenMasterThis: There is no Avenue Victor Hugo these days. It's a remnant fo the past, like Waterstone's and College bookstores not owned by Barnes and Noble.
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For those who're fond of hearing the ending, well, I tried Harvard Bookstore and Harvard Coop and, like my college bookstore, both could order it specially, in a week (and they let me know that a new edition is due soon), and B&N at Kenmore told me over the phone that they didn't have it.

But it was ok; I didn't need the text as desperately as I'd imagined.

At least I know where to look now—the Coop is cool.
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