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I just got my hands on a Cusinart Ice Cream Maker. What ice cream/sorbet/frozen yogurt recipes do you recommend?

So far we've made our first, successful vanilla frozen yogurt batch using this recipe.

Now, we'd like to expand our horizons. Given that it's summer, however, we would like to take advantage of using summer fruits.

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David Lebovitz offers fantastic ice cream recipes, both on his web site and in his book, The Perfect Scoop.
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Avocado ice cream! Unique and delicious!
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I recommend both the Lebovitz book and the Ben and Jerry's book. The orange cream dream from the latter is insanely good.
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Seconding "Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book". Yum. Gotta make some of that soon!
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Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream always gets great reviews.

I'm slowly working my way into fruits and would love to hear if anyone has a great black raspberry recipe.
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I knew someone would already have recommended the Perfect Scoop, but I just wanted to come in and give it another vote. The ice cream category on Smitten Kitchen has a small selection of recipes, but they're all very, very good.

Specifically, the buttermilk ice cream on SK rocked my socks, as well as the kiwi sorbet in Perfect Scoop. I've got a sage ice cream base chilling in my fridge right now to churn tonight; I'll report back if it's killer :)
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David Lebovitz's recipes will definitely be the best. Although it's not in the fruit category, I also love Barefoot Contessa's chocolate gelato.
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Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream
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I love my ice cream maker! In fact I love it so much, I gained 10 lbs last summer trying out different recipes. My rule since then is to make it for social events, like birthday parties or barbecues. My friends "help" me with eating it, plus the person who brings homemade ice cream to a party is almost as popular as the person who brings the beer.

Besides David Leibowitz, I like the 101 Cookbooks recipe for frozen yogurt.

Other tips I can think of:

* Try making the custard using cream top milk. Trader Joes sells it in the plastic bottle, so it's not quite as expensive as buying it with the bottle. This is how I gained 10 lbs, but it's exactly like the experience of making homemade ice cream where you can tell the cream has risen and frozen on the top layer.

* My experience with making egg based/custard ice cream is to let it sit overnight before freezing. Otherwise you end up with custard + __________ flavored ice cream. Letting it sit allows for whatever flavoring you put in your ice cream to steep and overcome the egg flavor.

* I've been experimenting a lot with simply syrups and adding that to a custard base. The best was making a syrup using rum, ginger, cinnamon & star anise. I mixed up the booze infusion and let it sit for two weeks, then cooked it with sugar for a simple syrup. It went really well into a basic vanilla ice cream recipe and turned into the best ginger ice cream I've ever had.

* Another experiment was making coconut ice cream using coconut milk. It's used a lot in vegan ice cream recipes instead of dairy, so same consistency plus extra coconut flavor for coconut ice cream. At some point this summer, I want to try it with a simple syrup I'm making with rum, vanilla bean & canela.
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This recipe for malted vanilla ice cream is awesome (just cut it in half it makes a ton of ice cream)! It was submitted by Steve Herrell owner of Herrell's Ice Cream in Northampton, MA. To us displaced Western Massers it tastes like home.
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Giada De Laurentiis has a Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato recipe that is AMAZING:
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Oh... and if you use a lot of fresh summer fruit, I recommend mixing a little bit of vodka with the fruit puree. Since vodka freezes at a colder temperature than water, it will keep your fruit from getting rock hard in the ice cream.
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I made this meyer lemon cardamon ice cream a while ago and it was super nomz.
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Following recipes for ice cream is boring! I wrote this guide the other day to help with the process of experimentation. It's a lot of "I have X ingredient, how do I put it into ice cream?"
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Recently, my boyfriend and I made chocolate cinnamon cayenne ice cream. I don't normally like spicy things, but this was UBER delicious and unique. I can't seem to find the recipe we used, but it was eggless and we melted down a chocolate bar instead of using chocolate syrup.
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I have a home gelato machine, make lots of ice cream and sorbets over the warm months. Some basic pointers:

--Pureed fruit generally makes great sorbets, as long as it's got flavor to stand up. Cleaned, pureed strawberries with sugar to taste are all you need to make fantastic strawberry sorbet. The fruit pulp is what gives the sorbet its body.

--Other fruits with weaker flavors don't do as well. Regular blah grocery store peaches make lousy sorbet.

--Some fruits may involve a lot of work if you want a pure sorbet without seeds and such. Raspberries and blackberries separate from their seeds better if you puree them with a little water or liquid. I've spent hours struggling with fresh guavas to get the pulp away from the seeds properly, wasn't worth it. With blackberries, people will accept seeds in the sorbet, with other fruits, maybe not so much.

--Mango pulp can be bought at Indian/South Asian groceries in big cans, cheap. Pour it as it is into your ice cream maker, congratulations, you have mango sorbet.

--Egg/custard based ice creams have a different 'eggy' flavor profile than ice cream without eggs. Sometimes you want that, sometimes you don't.

--For a clean vanilla flavor, I usually don't want eggs. I've seen this called "Philadelphia style" ice cream. I have much better luck with coffee ice cream that has only coffee, cream, sugar, dash of vanilla in it, no eggs.

--Toasted almond, on the other hand, goes very nicely in an eggier, cooked custard base. Toast almonds in a pan on the stove, add to vanilla custard base, there you go.

--Basic caramel flavor, meaning that you take sugar and caramelize it in a pan on the stove, can be the flavor for outstanding caramel ice cream.

--Coconut milk can be a good base for ice cream, be aware that the resulting product will be softer and melt faster, though. As you'd expect, it works well with citrusy flavors like lemon. Not just vegan-friendly, it's also good for the lactose intolerant.

--A little alcohol usually improves texture, a lot could disturb proper freezing. You usually only want the amount you'd use for flavoring, like a tablespoon of rum in a batch that totals 2-3 cups of liquid.
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Vanilla ice cream base:

2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
2 cups (one pint) heavy cream
2 teaspoons vanilla

Mix together as is, or heat lightly without boiling to dissolve the sugar better, then cool in the fridge. Once mixture is cold, chill in your freezer according to directions.
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Coconut-Lime Ice Cream

1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
2/3 cup lime juice

Mix sugar and water in a saucepan, bring to a simmer and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Let cool. Add the coconut milk and lime juice, beat together slightly until mixed. Add a drop of green food color if desired. Refrigerate until cooled, freeze according to your machine's directions.
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seconding gov_moonbeam's suggestion of the 101 cookbooks frozen yogurt - SO delicious and ridiculously easy!
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Banana Cardamom Ice Cream
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I am so hooked on coconut ice cream. Mind you I do not mean just coconut-flavored, milk-based ice cream, I mean ice cream made with 100% coconut milk. I find it actually tastes richer than milk ice cream because of the crazy amounts of saturated fat. This is the one thing where I prefer the vegan alternative to the 'real' version!
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My wife made this last weekend and it is astonishingly good:
Mint Julep Ice Cream.
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too bad you're not me:

I made Epicurious's recipe for Chocolate Chili Ice Cream last summer using Maya Gold chocolate, ancho chili, Cointreau, and canela.
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No recipe just an idea -- recently tried yogurt and honey and walnut ice cream, and it was incredible.
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I've come pretty close to mimicking a favorite of mine - baklava ice cream.

Throw in some cinnamon, honey, ground allspice, cardamom, and some nuts. I also made up a few sheets of phyllo dough for some crunchy texture. I wish I could remember the proportions, because I didn't write it down, but those added to vanilla ice cream was AMAZING.

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My favorite use for our ice cream maker (also a Cuisinart; we've been pleased) is to throw in a soda or juice drink and make instant slushies. (Just don't use diet drinks; they don't firm up.)
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No one has ever turned down Baklava Ice Cream
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Sorry. Wrong link. Here you go
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Somebody already mentioned a little alcohol in sorbets (about a tablespoon in the three cups total of fruit purée you put in the machine), which works surprisingly well, but another "smoothing" factor is actually sugar - more than you need, and then "pulled back" with fresh lemon juice. The extra sugar apparently results in a "creamier" sorbet. Oh, and a pinch or two of kosher salt really gives the flavor a big punch.
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Hazelnut cookie. It's a gigantic hassle, but totally worthwhile.
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Campagne sorbet!! It's the best ever. User cheapo Andre strawberry and it rocks (and gets you drunk if you eat enough!)

I can't find the recipe I used to make it online, but it was from a Martha Stewart (Simple Living?) magazine and had whipped egg whites in it to make it super fluffy. It was simple .. seemed like champagne, sugar, and whipped egg whites .. lemon juice maybe? anyway, if you can't find it, I would just put those things in your ice cream maker a nd experiment .. :D
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Nthing the Ben & Jerry's book. Used it exclusively with my Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and everything was awesome, especially cinnamon ice cream.
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Alternate coconut lime
2 fresh eggs, beaten well
1/2 C sugar, beat into the eggs well
15 oz coco lopez cream of coconut or similar
1 pt heavy cream
juice from 1 or two limes

Mix all well. Chill in a very cold fridge, churn into ice cream.
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The fresh mint ice cream in The Perfect Scoop is spectacular.
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Barefoot Contessa's Caramel Chocolate Pecan ice cream

Heard about it through metachat.

It's been descibed as 'the world's most orgasmically delicious ice cream'. Be sure to let us know if it's true!
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Definitely try different types of ice creams. You might not be inclined to cook a custard, but it's really worthwhile trying it, because the result is so smooth and silky. As someone else said, vanilla with eggs can taste too eggy (like French vanilla).

Another one to try is semifreddo, an Italian concoction. You fold together a chilled custard and whipped cream; the finished product seems lighter than ice cream, and the flavors come through differently.

Flowers give wonderful flavors -- jasmine is lovely. And rosewater. I don't care for lavender, but you might.

Green tea is popular as an ice cream, but other teas can be very nice, too.

You need a lot of sugar for smoothness, as has been mentioned. But another reason to make it extra sweet is that once it's frozen, the mixture won't taste nearly as sweet as in its liquid form.
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I love making sorbet. I use the master technique I got from Cook's Illustrated. It uses very few ingredients: water, sugar, fruit, vodka and lemon juice. I've made a bunch of these and they're divine.


(also, if you make the lemon or lime ones using Pimm's instead of vodka and adding a few mint leaves, MAGIC HAPPENS.)
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Just to say I tried gimonca's amazingly simple coconut-lime ice cream and it was just spectacular.
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