What's the best sun hat ever?
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I'm heading out this August for a 3-week whitewater kayaking trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It's going to be very hot and very sunny, and I'm going to need a sun hat or two.

I see there was a recent question with some good answers, but it was for a different application with different requirements.

Hat 1: To wear when in my kayak (while not wearing helmet). Probably should be as wide as possible to keep as much sun as possible off me. Function is much more important than form; I don't mind looking utterly ridiculous.

Hat 2: For hiking/camp. Probably smaller than hat 1, but still want good sun coverage for neck/ears/face. Slightly less ridiculous would be nice.

Both hats: Crushable/packable, stand up to gusty wind and soaking.

I'm male with a reasonably regular sized head, by the way.

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Tilly hats are the way to go. Last forever. Good for all your requirements too.
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It doesn't appear that anyone has mentioned Tilley Hats, which is surprising to me.
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argh, egeanin beat me... great hat though.
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+1 to both of the above. I've been there on a 9-day rafting/hiking trip and the Tilley performed admirably. Keeps the sun off and stays on, no matter what.

The evaporative cooling from hot dry air in the Canyon will create the added benefit of cooling you down.
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Tilley hats float- which is awesome!
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Response by poster: And how about Tilley hats? Anyone have an opinion?
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