How do I get a good quality image from a frame in a youtube video?
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I would love to get a good quality image of the "England in Roo-ins" newspaper that appears at approximately the 1:09 mark in the Nike "Write the Future" ad. My goal is to take the image, print it onto an iron-on, and make myself a t-shirt for Saturday. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!
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As far as capturing the image, easiest thing to do is to find the best quality version of the video, blow it up to full screen, pause when you see the most promising version of the image, hit "Print Screen" on your keyboard, then paste the photo into whatever program you plan to print from (I would just use Microsoft Word).
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Something similar was an actual headline. Might have better luck getting a large version of that, if it would work for you.
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Is this any good for you?
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Actually, mods, please remove that last post - will send a larger version directly to inigo2.
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And before any fellow Brits accuse me of being a traitor, it's reverse psychology - imagine how crestfallen the colonial will feel wearing such a garment when we give them a damn good thrashing! ;)
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gene_machine, that'd be awesome! Email's in profile. Thanks!
I'm considering a draw to be a victory, so I'm hopeful I won't get embarrassed wearing this shirt...
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Not a great picture, but -- here's the result. Thanks again, gene_machine!
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