Finding the web site that lists local pharmacy drug prices
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Help me find this online resource that gives local prices of prescription drugs.

The other day while doing Medicaid research on my phone, I found a web site link that allowed you to type in your location and get a list of local in-store pharmacy drug prices. I was foolish and didn't bookmark it, and I can't seem to retrace my steps.

Does anyone know the online resource I am talking about? It was run by an independent party not tied to any specific pharmacy or drug company. If it was tied to a specific state it would have been Maryland, but I think it was only specific to the United States in general. My Google searches are getting me nowhere, and I need to pay out-of-pocket for a medication in a hurry. Thanks for any help you can give me!
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There's by the MD attorney general's office, but it's down currently. I don't know if the site has been down for a while or is just having trouble right now since I haven't lived in MD in a while.
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