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What are some unusual, creative, off-beat things to do/experience in Australia that would make for good and interesting travel-documentary TV?

I have an interview soon to potentially be a host for a travel TV program geared at future visitors to Australia. The idea is that people who were originally from outside Australia themselves check out different facets of Aussie life and the things that happen around there.

According to the producers, they already have plenty of episodes around adventure travel/sport, so they'd like something different. Since I'm involved in performance art I figured I'd pitch things that are more creative, mental-based, or senses-based. However, they did ask for things I haven't done, and I'm slightly stuck for ideas (since I do get up to quite a bit of madness!).

What sort of things could I suggest as potential episodes? Some ideas I've collected were: Roller derby, street art/graffiti, ghost tours, pole dance, some sort of spa/alternative therapy, sheep shearing, Jillaroo-ing, Dracula's Theatre Restaurant, meeting a craft guild of some sort (anything especially Australian?).

They did say they're on a low budget, so Queensland-based ideas would be best, but if there's a particular place, event, festival, or activity that sounds awesome anywhere in Australia do share!
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Canoe/swim among the crocodiles at Boodjamulla National Park, an emerald green oasis in the middle of dusty old outback Queensland.

Follow an old songline somewhere in outback Queensland.

Go rodeo riding at the Mount Isa Rodeo.

Cook crocodile in five different ways in Normanton.

Skateboard down Grassy Hill in Cooktown. Or be transported up there by a four man-pulled rickshaw I'm assuming you could find the rickshaw...

Paint the Bungle Bungles at sunrise [Not Queensland]
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You didn't say what your timeframe was, but what about checking out some of the acts in the Brisbane festival (September), and suggesting that they film you having a go at what they do?

You could have someone read your mind, try your hand at some stunts or mime or shadow puppets or get some kids to teach you circus tricks.

And that's just the fringe festival - there'd be plenty of oppotrunities in the main festival to have a go at ballet, playing the tuba, or opera
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Response by poster: girlgenius: Heh, I did actually get on stage as part of Phillip Escoffey's show at the Brisbane Festival last year! It was good fun, and a good pick-me-up since I was having a streak of bad luck and in my piece I got my lucked turned around.

(that's last year's program btw, and the Carnival Tent isn't part of the Fringe bit...not sure when they'll announce this year's program, but it'll be good. Also I do actually train in circus too, but if there is a German wheel trainer that would be AWESOME.)
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Do "The Test" at the Silverton Hotel near Broken Hill. Mildly embarrassing, very Australian, raises money for the Flying Doctors. Props include a funnel and a potato. You may get wet.
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Sydney Gay and Lesbian MardiGras Parade!

It's a huge costumed spectactular, Sydney's biggest tourism event for the whole year!
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What's the biggest spider you can find? Interview the locals as to what they do day-to-day because of insects.

Have a local teach you how they've learned to take showers during water restrictions?

How hard is it, really to find a deadly snake? (Include humorous nerves-inducing pre-expedition interview with snake-venom expert, similar to Douglas Adams in Last Chance To See)

How many native animals/insects/fish can you spot before you find one that can't kick your ass and leave you in hospital, or dead?
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Interview a few family jug bands (such as the Perch Creek Jug Band). Jug bands hark back "to a simpler time when it wasn't such a big deal for families to do stuff together and have a good time doing it. "
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Response by poster: Update: I got the job! We start the research phase really soon :)
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Congratulations divabat! What did you pitch?
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Response by poster: My main ideas were roller derby, ghost tours, pole dancing, and craft tours, but I brought up some of the concepts in this thread and talked about how there's always an interesting festival somewhere in the country every day. It was more of a conversation really.
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