Edgy or pop-culture art galleries in Boston?
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Are there any edgier or pop-culture themed art galleries in Boston, similar to LA's Gallery 1988?

I was just looking through an exhibition of Twilight Zone homages (recently mentioned on the blue), and was struck by how many of them I liked. The works by Lawrence Yang, May Ann Licudine, and Ahren Hertel especially jumped out at me. And they were cheap! Some of the smaller stuff was just a few hundred dollars for the original art, as far as I could tell.

But if I'm going to buy an original painting, I'm inclined to get it from somewhere local where I can see it firsthand. So are there any galleries in Boston that have similar stuff at similar prices? Failing that, in New York maybe? My price range is under $2000.
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Response by poster: Oh and if it wasn't clear, I'm mostly looking for drawings and paintings as opposed to say, photography.
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Best answer: Idk about Boston but in new York how about http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/
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Never been and don't know if this would be considered edgy in reality, though it somewhat sounds it in principle, but there is the Museum of Bad Art next to the Somerville Theater in Davis Square.
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Gallery 263 is a small art gallery in Cambridge that often has exhibitions that seem to fit your criteria.
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The Museum of Bad Art doesn't actually sell the art, it's mostly hilariously bad yardsale finds and things of that nature. It is worth a visit if you're in the area and going to see a movie, it's a room in the basement of the theater and it really only takes 15-20 minutes to see it all.

The Copley Society of Art might be a good place to start; they have a gallery on Newbury with varying exhibitions.
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I'm not sure if they actually sell anything (they do more performance art/installations), but Meme Gallery in Central is pretty edgy... or something. Check out one of their openings; they're pretty funny.
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Best answer: Space 242 in the South End has a lot of pop culture-inspired artwork.

They're having a reception party on June 25 for their upcoming "GOOD VS EEEEEVIL! Superheroes vs Villains Smackdown" exhibit (rsvp required).
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Edgy and cheap don't necessarily go together, so here's a sampling of options that land somewhere along that spectrum:

All the open studios events - Fort Point, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, and Somerville.

SOWA (the area formerly known as "near the Pine St. Inn") also has a First Friday event every month. SOWA is one of the most recently gentrified areas of Boston (there's a gallery where I used to live) and many of the galleries are upstarts that will have less traditional work. Some of the mainstream galleries have moved to the neighborhood, though, so you get a mix. Here's a list of the galleries in the neighborhood.

Mass Art, The Museum School, and Boston University have student/alum/faculty shows and sales at least once a year.

And other galleries:
Fort Point Gallery
Meme Gallery in Central Square
The Hallway in JP

Some of the restaurants around town show work (some better than others). My current favorites are Cambridge Common in Cambridge and Cafenation in Allston.
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