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I am really confused and need help. My job is in the online advertising world as a product marketing manager. New job position. The problem is that my knowledge of online advertising is low although I have worked in this field for 4 years. I am looking for classes/courses/online resources that would help. Books would be great for both online advertising (Display not search) and on product marketing Please dont suggest googling or the usuals -I know all of those. I am looking for something like Laredo online training. Please help, I may lose my job soon because of this.
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You are going to have to be more specific.

The internet moves at lightning speeds.

Books on online advertising are not going to be helpful with 2 years ago information.

People trying to do their own SEO often end up at The Warrior Forum.
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You are going to have to be more specific.

^ This. What exactly are you looking for? Information on creative stuff, on campaign strategy, target group analysis and planning, media buying? All of it? It's hard to give specific advice without knowing what exactly you need to know and there aren't really any one-size-fits-all resources from my experience.

I assume you are working in a company's marketing department? Do you have a media or creative agency? If so, can they give you a crash course? We do this all the time for our clients when there's new people in their marketing so they are familiar with current practices and latest trends, our workflow, etc.

Also check if the IAA or ANA offer anything that might suit your needs, they are both IAB partners.
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Response by poster: Thanks

To be more specific -I work for an online ad network. I am a product marketing manager who is responsible for taking targeting products to market.

Where can I find week or day classes/intensive on this?

Also which online forums/learning can I access

Thanks again for your help
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