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Chicago Filter: Soccer edition. Where do I go to play serious soccer (indoor, probably?) this winter in Chicago?

This is the latest in what will be a long line of Chicago related questions. As you would find in my posting history, I'm moving to Chicago in August and I'll be there until May at least. I want to play soccer when I get there. I'm 25, so this would be an adult/open division type thing.

I imagine that the weather in the winter prohibits (literally) outdoor soccer. If there are outdoor sized fields that are housed indoors or something, though, that would be ideal. Otherwise, I want indoor soccer, not futsal.

I don't want a beer league type situation. I'll be happy as long as it's actually competitive, but full on with tryouts and a coach would be ideal.
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Windy City Wanderers FC has good competitive leagues. Some of their leagues are geared, at least in part, towards former college and professional soccer players, so they are certainly serious and competitive. I think that their indoor leagues are at Chicago Indoor Soccer. Their leagues will probably have teams you could "try out" for, but that is pretty rare and usually people just play with teams and move to other teams depending on ability. Full-on coached teams are also pretty rare, but do exist.

Most of the outdoor leagues run until the end of October or early November, so you can get in a season before winter. That will make it a lot easier to find an indoor team to play with.
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This place at Ashland and Pershing, it's new, and huge.

It's run by Chicago Indoor Sports Like iknowizbirfmark has said.
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