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Good thrift stores in New Orleans with decent kitchenware?

I am in NOLA for a month for Family Business and need some basic kitchenware (knife, cutting board, frying pan, etc) and would like to acquire this stuff used but without a multi- store effort. Any NOLA thrifts you recommend? Close to Garden District a plus.
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Uff. I can't think of any thrift store I've been in down here that had decent kitchenware, especially not for knives. I'm picky about my knives, though.

For a knife I would suggest Loubat in the 4100 block of Bienville St. in Mid-City. They're a restaurant wholesale shop that also sells retail, and you can get a cheap white-handled chef's knife new and sharp. I actually go there for a lot of kitchenware. I believe they're open until 4:00PM. You could call them for prices at (504) 482-2554 and you can get there via the St. Charles and Canal St. streetcars if you were so inclined.

But as for thrift stores that have good kitchen stuff, sorry, never seen such a thing.. The closest ones to you that I know of are Bloomingdeals on Freret (between Napoleon and Jefferson) and Bridge House (on Camp at Calliope) if you want to check and see if things have changed since last I was there.
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I mean, hell, if it's only a month I'll loan you a small cutting board, stainless steel skillet, and some other stuff.
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YESSSSS I will MeMail you.
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Sorry we couldn't hang out longer - but I'm glad I was able to help!
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