Doctor recommendation, Minneapolis
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Looking for doctor recommendations in Minneapolis.

My wife is unhappy with her current GP, and is looking for a new one; to minimize the lengthy trial-and-error, we're hoping to get some recommendations.

She's looking for a doctor who is
1) a woman
2) experienced in dealing with thyroid issues
3) experienced in dealing with depression
4) ideally, both 2) and 3)
Has anybody worked with anybody who fits this bill?

(anonymous to protect wife's privacy)
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I don't know about her experience with thyroid issues or depression but I adore Carolyn O. at Fairview Highland Park clinic on Ford Parkway. Her last name is Oltejebruns or something... The receptionists know who you mean if you ask for Carolyn O!
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Is she strictly looking for a GP, as opposed to an OB/GYN? If the latter is fine by her, I have been more than pleased with and impressed by Corrine Moll at John Haugen and Assoc. (3 locations throughout the TC).
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Gail Rudberg is a nurse practitioner at Healthpartners Como Clinic. A friend & I have both gone to her and like her a lot. (We've actually had conversations about how great Gail is.)
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Is she strictly looking for a GP? Not an endocrinologist? Because there are several women endocrinologists in Minneapolis listed here.
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Mod note: From the OP:
Strictly a GP, not an endocrinologist or OB/GYN (she's covered on both of those fronts, just wants a GP with some experience in the two areas that dominate her health questions; she doesn't feel like her current GP really understands).
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