Gringo Tortillas
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Any recommendations for a cast-iron skillet for making tortillas?

Probably something >10 inches. Thanks!
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Ikea Senior coated cast iron. Solid, and easy to work with than straight cast iron. Uses a ceramic coating.
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Look for a "comal." It is a cast iron skillet with very low sides which make turning the tortillas with a spatula very easy. It is also great for stove-top roasting small chilies and garlic. Google it or check Mexican grocery stores. Our new one was quite inexpensive. Amazon has a couple for between $10 and $15 and they come preseasoned.
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Honestly, anything will be fine. Tortillas aren't rocket science. :)

Get something that can serve multiple purposes. Some depth is nice for braising in the oven or frying things. Lodge is what I use. Whatever you get, I'd suggest sanding it smooth rather than leaving the finish pebbled.
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Seconding a comal, or a reversible grill\griddle that will straddle two burners - you can cook two tortillas at once as well as use it for lots of other purposes. I have a $10 version I bought at Academy Sports and after a few months of regular use it's well seasoned and non-stick. You don't need to spend a lot of money here - cast iron is pretty much cast iron.
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Yes, get a comal. They are cheap and easy to find on Amazon (that's a griddle, but pre-seasoned, and very similar to the vintage one I use, but also see this more traditional comal) and in Mexican grocery stores.

Either style will also work well for pancakes/flapjacks, for warming store-bought tortillas, for making burgers or any other kind of pan-frying that doesn't require the food to sit in oil.

You can also look on eBay or at garage/estate sales for a vintage cast iron comal, but that'll be more hit-and-miss, of course. (NB: I got my vintage comal/griddle on eBay.)
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The comal I had (gifted to my sister, now I need another one) came from, of all places, The Cracker Barrel store. My dad found it there and it was not expensive at all.
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I have a Lodge skillet that's functional, durable, and reliable. I use it for absolutely everything. It never leaves my stovetop.
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nthing a comal.
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If not comal, then Lodge.
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I cook mine on my pizza stone
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You should use a comal and not a cast iron skillet because for tortillas you want an ungreased surface and you're going to want to use your cast iron for all kinds of greasy stuff.
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You can also blister chilis on these.
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