Windows server monitor?
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I need a simple Windows application that will show me a list of my Windows servers and whether they are up or down.

I don't need any fancy-pants performance monitors or anything like that. Just a simple list of server names with maybe a red or green light next to each one. Something my boss can glance at each morning to see if our servers are still alive.

I'm sort of an admin by default without any formal training. I can't see anything built into Windows that will let me monitor several servers at once.
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Mon is pretty nice.
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net view

net statistics server

? (no formal trainin here either, just a pot shot)
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We used to use Big Brother at work. It's a little more then what you need, but, it's simple enough that anyone can understand it, and, it's free for non-commercial use. (Although, we weren't exactly non-commercial when we were using it :o)

We've since moved to MOM, because Big Brother didn't do everything we needed it to...

But, if you all you need are little flashing red or green lights, Big Brother should fit you perfectly.
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This is an even lower level suggestion, but you can put some type of instant messaging software (assuming there is internet access) and have them "signed" in. I have a machine that records our phone conversations, and I always know if it is down when it isn't "signed in" on my list. YMMV
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