CRM solution for a Realtor?
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What are good choices for lead management/CRM solutions for Realtors? Something that can be integrated with a Realtor's website (in terms of lead capture, etc.) would be preferable, especially if it can work with Drupal. I'm asking as part of a web design/marketing team that may work with a Realtor soon.
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If you're looking for a desktop app or client/server app, I worked for Maximizer for several years way back when and I can tell you that when I started there more than 50% of their customer base were realtors. I know little or nothing about their current offerings though, especially in regards to how they integrate with the web.

Something purely online you might want to check SugarCRM out. MySQL backend, should be pretty easy to write something on the Drupal side that would drop leads into Sugar's database. In fact, a quick googling shows several others have thought this as well, this might be worth a look.
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Best answer: Take a look at Batchbook - nice, affordable, completely online service that has some nice integration with gmail and other services.
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