How much to charge as a freelance book publicist?
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How much to charge as a freelance book publicist?

I've been approached to do book publicity for a fantasy author's tour in a foreign country. (I'm the one living abroad, English not the primary language here). However, I've only done in-house book publicity, so I'm not sure about how much to charge and how to structure it as a freelancer. For instance, do I charge hourly? By the result? By the project as a whole? There's already a press release, but I would need to get a translation, and as there isn't much time--only about 2 weeks or so--I would be primarily pitching newspapers and blogs, perhaps some radio and small independent web TV channels as well.
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You should charge hourly. Talk to the publishing company about rates - you need to ascertain whether they are expecting to charge you the going rate in your country or their country (if there's a difference).

Regarding what that rate would be, it's obviously dependent on a wide range of experience and expertise you have to offer, and what they are expecting. For a commercial PR company billing another company where I am, I would expect the rate to be somewhere between $40 - $100 Australian or US an hour, dependent on the above. Don't waste those hours, it will piss them off. Document what you do, etc.
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