Neistat Brothers Soundtrack Mystery
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Trying to track down the music from one of the short films from the Neistat Brothers show on hbo. It plays during the short film bio dad. I recorded some of it on my computer... this is the song. I love it. Any ideas?
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It sounds very similar to 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
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i did the music for the show.

it's a mix of original score and stuff from my solo records, and some recordings from my old bands "domino" and "dopo yume."

the song you are looking for is an older, instrumental version of my song "toy telephone."

watch the the "toy telephone" video here.

The version from the show was never released, but if you e-mail me at:, I will send you that recording for free.
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you can now buy the Neistat Brothers Trailer Song on itunes.

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