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Your experience/suggestions/tips for someone participating in urban scavenger hunt for the first time.

My friends and I are participating in the CitySolve Urban Race for the first time in NYC on Jun 19. It seems that there are many returning teams. Though these teams will have an advantage, we refuse to lose. So I would love to hear some of your experience in this particular race or any urban scavenger hunt in general. Were there things you wish you had done that would have helped you? Are there useful tips that you can share?

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I've been on many scavenger hunts/road rallies, but never one that mostly takes place on foot, as this one seems to do. We always had the advantage of traveling in a vehicle, so we could bring almanacs and Yellow Pages and other research tools with us. Nevertheless, judging from the sample questions on that site you'll need a current almanac at the very least. When assembling your team it's beneficial to have a variety of "specialists" in your group - someone who is very good when it comes to solving word or number puzzles, someone else who is very familiar with the geography of the area you'll be searching in, and yet another person who is well versed in pop culture-y trivia.
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Having a smartphone gives you a colossal advantage. Even moreso nowadays; people who design hunts like these have to account for the fact that you can find out more or less anything in a few seconds. So try to have one of those on hand - it looks like the rules allow it.

Also here is some wisdom from pretty much all the urban treasure hunts I've done: If you have to bend parts of a clue to fit into a possible solution, it's not the right solution. If you're on the right track, it'll all snap nicely into place. I should mention that this is only true if the thing is well-designed - and from the sample questions, it does seem that way. Though some require less lateral thinking than others - the Charles Carroll plaque clue, for example.
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Make sure you have tokens for the subway and other transportation you may need to use.

Oh and a big tip from years of watching The Amazing Race: Read the clue. Now read it again. Now read it a third time. Got it? Good! Go!

Seriously, people are in such a rush trying to get around that they rush through reading clues and miss things that cost time.

Good luck!
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