Leon county florida health assitance sought
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I'm trying to help my significant other navigation assistance programs to get her the help she is looking for. I'm in NJ, she's in FL.

Specifically, she lives in Leon county. She's above the age of 18 but below the age where she is conisdered independent for financial aid purposes, and while she does want to return to school, she has some college credits under her belt she had to leave school for various reasons. She's stuck in a terrible home life, although she'll be in a position to move out and with a good friend soon.

She is stuck in a part time job that can give her no more than 20 hours and has no health insurance. She does not own a car and must rely on public transportation and walking and the kindness of others to get places. She is struggling with asthma, clinical depression, an an undiagnosed neurological tic. She attempted two years ago to navigate the murky waters of governmental assistance for both her mental and physical health and didn't get very far.

Can anyone recommend assitance programs for either mental or phyisical health, public or private that are reasonably accessible to public transportation and walking that would be available to Leon county, specifically the Tallahassee area? If you can, can you also give concrete adive as to best navigate it, and other best practices for best results?
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Best answer: Her best bet may be to start with the Bond Community Health Center - they take walk-ins and can also refer out to specialists. The location is just a little south of downtown near the FAMU campus - multiple bus routes of the StarMetro system go right by the place.

Also check out the 2-1-1 Big Bend Helpline - they provide over the phone counseling and referrals.

I'm sorry I can't offer any more specific advice on all the in's and out's of these services, but I'm in Tallahassee, so feel free to memail me if I can be of any further assistance.
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