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Need advice for the quickest, cheapest route to go from the Greek isle of Milos to Istanbul.

Overnight ferries, buses, short flights from obscure airports - all recommendations or ideas welcome. Needs to be no longer than a 24 trip though.
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Here is what appears to be the ferry website for the Milos ferry. They also have a phone number you can call to help you out.
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I suspect the quickest will be ferry to Piraeus/Athens, flight to Istanbul. That could be the only way to get there in less than 24h. It might well be the cheapest way.

You could get a ferry from Milos to Paros or Naxos or Santorini, then ferry or fly from there to Kos (thought I think flights might go through Athens, in which case you might as well fly from Athens to Istanbul), another from Kos to Bodrum, and finally travel from Bodrum to Istanbul either by bus or by plane from Izmir (and getting to Izmir airport is not easy using public transport). It would take a lot longer, there would be a lot more uncertainty, and it probably wouldn't cost any less.

Here's a fairly accurate listing of ferry service between Greek islands and the Turkish mainland. (I know of at least one that is left off, service from Kastellorizo (Greece) to Kas (Turkey), but that would be less convenient and no less expensive than either of the other options I've mentioned.) I'm pretty sure there are no direct regularly scheduled flights between Greek islands and the Turkish mainland.

The boring way is probably the best in this case. I'm not an expert but when I traveled in Greece and Turkey last year I found that the ferry and air travel was very hub-and-spokey. The direct route is not always the fastest or the cheapest.
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