moving to manhattan-where should i live?
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I am looking to move to NYC in the next few months and trying to figure out the best neighborhood for me? I will be working in midtown and am single, 38 year old female. Looking for any input? Thanks!
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You can prove anything with facts.
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How much do you want to spend? What do you like to do? Will you have roommates? Do you want to walk to work? Do you want to have some distance between where you live and where you work? Do you have friends in the city you might want to be near? How do you feel about living in a neighborhood filled with hipsters? With parents? Is there a religious or ethnic community you'd like to live close to? Are there modes of transportation you'd like to be close to (e.g., Amtrak, MetroNorth, NJT)?

There's not a lot/anything in your question to respond to.
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I live in Astoria at the moment. It's about a 15 minute ride to midtown (10-30 depending on what part of Astoria and what part of Midtown.) Selling points: inexpensive rent, and it's apparently one of the safest (lowest-crime) cities in the state of New York.
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How much do you want to spend?

This, for me, is the Alpha and Omega of "where should I live in New York" questions.
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Response by poster: Sorry--my extended comments did not display. I don't want to spend more than $2500 and will live alone. My sister that lives in Hell's Kitchen but I don't think I want to live there or too close to mid town/times square. I would like to be close to subway.
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Best answer: 2500 living alone is a reasonable budget for any neighborhood in town - especially so if a studio is an option. Beyond that its hard to say with out knowing what you like and dislike. Also how important is space to you? 2500 will get you a small place in the west village or a big place in Astoria (big by NY standards of course).
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Going entirely by your description there, it sounds like you already live in Park Slope.
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Which subway lines run near your office? If you have to switch trains just to get to work, you'll be irritated all the time.
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I live on the Upper West Side. You could easily get a nice 1BR for 2500. It's close to midtown, but not too close.
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I'm not sure if you meant $2,500 for rent, or total living expenses? If the former, then yes you can find a nice studio in W. Village for that price and a decent, somewhat spacious 1 bedroom in Brooklyn.

But for total living expenses, there is no way you can live on $2,500 in West Village.

I've lived all over town, and if money wasn't an object I'd live in W. Village. But Brooklyn is a pretty good compromise. Check out Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene.

And if you can put up with an army of American Apparel wearin' hipsters, Williamsburg.

Astoria and Long Island City is pretty decent too. Closer to midtown by train than Brooklyn.
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Yeah, I'm with griphus: going by the sketchy information in your post (single 38-year-old female who is willing to spend up to 2500 on an apartment and who doesn't want to live in midtown), I'd say you're best describing a demographic that I associate most closely with Park Slope. But it's up to you to decide whether that demographic describes you well!

Park Slope is really nice... everyone I know who lives there is happy, aside from lots of complaints about young rich new parents clogging up the sidewalks with thousand dollar strollers. But everyone complains about their neighbors in any NYC neighborhood.
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Data points: I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which is easily about an hour's commute to Midtown. You'll also be able to find a decent place here for $2500 per months' rent. It's a neighborhood on the "cusp" -- a very community feel, a couple places where there's a lively buzz of restaurants and boutiques and a couple quiet blocks; lots of trees.
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