How can I get a reliable, legit online stream of the World Cup?
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I don't have cable or even a TV, but I do have the internet and I want to watch the World Cup. I can find a lot of ways to watch it "for free" but I am struggling to find a reliable way to make sure I can see most of the games live. My IP had very little advice on the matter. I am more than willing to pay for a reliable, high-quality stream.
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CBC will be streaming it online. I'm assuming they're region-blocking it but I don't know for sure.
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The glorious Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is streaming all the games live. If it's anything like their hockey webcasts the quality is pretty good ...
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Go to ESPN3; if your ISP is a partner, you'll know about it. They're streaming everything live apart from the matches on ABC, which means you'll have to make other arrangements for, say, England v. USA on Saturday, and the final.
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FWIW, I couldn't get CBC's Olympic Streams from (barely) within the US. My fingers are crossed for ESPN 3-- thanks holgate.
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I use this program it will certainly have the world cup on it
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Response by poster: ISP does not partner with ESPN3 unfortunately because I think that would have been the perfect solution.

I can't tell if I will be able to use the CBC site, but it also looks like a possible solution.

I have also used the TVU program (for the 06 World Cup actually) and it was pretty decent. I was hoping to have a better stream and more reliable service, but that might end up being my solution. So, thanks!
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I would imagine that both the BBC and ITV will stream the games they have (they split most of the group games, then compete for viewers over the later stages).

You could buy access to a UK-based proxy, then just head on over to iPlayer or depending on who's showing the match you want.
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I can't tell if I will be able to use the CBC site, but it also looks like a possible solution.

I suspect that you'll run into region-blocking, but FoxyProxy and a paid Canadian proxy service may work.
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Not sure if this is what you want in terms of quality, but come game day, will most likely have multiple available streams of WC matches (and on a daily basis, other sporting events as well).

I can't make any guarantees as to what language the broadcast will be in, though.
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If you can handle the spanish announcers and translating, Univision will be streaming all their games online.
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Response by poster: Just a quick update. Univision has a great quality video and has english announcers, so as a temporary solution I am watching the univision video and listening to the audio!
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