Does a caution or penalty fine count as a criminal record in the UK?
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Are either a formal caution or fixed penalty charge classed as 'criminal convictions' for the sake of a job application in the UK?

I have a formal caution (from 2006) for possession of a class B substance (amphetamine) and incurred an £80 fixed penalty fine for being drunk & disorderly in 2009.

I am aware that both will appear on an enhanced CRB check, but should I disclose either or both on a job application that asks whether I have criminal convictions?
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No, you don't need to disclose either (unless the caution is exempt from the rehab act of '74 source: ask the police). Fixed Penalty Notices aren't convictions, either, as there is no admission or finding of guilt - they're basically a stop-gap measure so police don't have to waste time prosecuting people for weeing in doorways while drunk.

Usual IANAL disclaimer.
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