What's the best way to help the New Orleans birds when we're there next week?
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Some friends and I will be in New Orleans from June 11-17th for a conference, and were wondering if there's any good way to help out with the injured birds then. It sounds like the shore work is off-limits due to toxicity, so we're fine contributing in any way we can (coffee/hugs/protests?). What are some good organizations to contact for this, since we'll only be available for a short amount of time (1 full day on that Wednesday perhaps, or maybe some afternoons of other days)? If it matters, we'll be car-free (though cab-savvy) and situated near the convention center. Thanks!
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I think the best way to help out at this point is financially. You could donate to the Audubon Institute or just spend money at the Aquarium, Zoo or Insectarium. We've had some protests recently, so keep an eye on websites like nola.com to see if anything is happening when you're in town.
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try here.
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Things you can do about the oil spill

That's one blogger and scifi author's list of rescue and cleanup groups looking for volunteers. Most seem to require at least some training, so not sure what a day or two can do for them, but it's worth a few calls for sure.
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Check your memail. My organization is doing a LOT of work on this and I know they want volunteers. But I didn't want to self-link, so I memailed it. :)
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this is the original article from my first post, so it contains actual links to the various volunteer opportunities.
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Here is a link to the Audubon Volunteer sign up
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