Good Eats in Vegas?
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We're in Vegas near the strip. We'd like a take-out dinner to delight our taste buds, but not break our wallet. We're tired and overwhelmed with unfamiliar choices. Suggestions?

We could go as high as $20-25 per plate, maybe a bit higher if the food is worth it. There's no particular cuisine requirement, though one of us isn't fond of Indian, and the other of Thai. This kind/quality of food (warning: link plays music) would be a dream, or maybe good sushi/Japanese, or, y'know, just good stuff.
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Do you like oysters? The Oyster Bar at Penazzi, inside Harrah's Casino, is pretty decent and not absurdly expensive ($20 for a dozen). Yelp reviews here.
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A friend who is a Vegas local suggested this place or here.
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We love The Peppermill. Good pries, generous portions.
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Best answer: If you really mean take-out and you're west of the strip, consider Mix Zone Cafe, which is mostly Thai but has yummy innovations on the menu.

The Commercial Center shopping plaza has about a dozen funky, locally owned and operated laid back ethnic restaurants, including the highly praised Lotus of Siam (though also Thai) and several Korean, Japanese, Indian and Mexican options that are authentic and reasonably priced. It would not surprise me if most of them offered takeout - at least one of the bulgogi places does. The area itself is colorful (some would say seedy) but will offer fantastic people watching opportunities - a nice change i you've been on the strip all day.
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Response by poster: Tokyo it is! Thanks!
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