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I am a very small girl who would like to peg my very tall boyfriend. Logistically, how can we make this work? NSFW, obvs.

I'm 5'0" and tiny, he's 6'2" and not. The height difference isn't a problem when he's fucking me (he can just lift me up and spin me around if he wants to), but we're having trouble finding positions that work for strap-on sex. Standing up won't work unless I'm standing on something, doggy style puts him above my belly button.

What positions or techniques can we use so that everything lines up right?
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Have you looked into getting something from the liberator line? It makes sex way easy, and even more fun.
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What about spooning?
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What about having him lay on his stomach with his pelvis and legs off the edge of the bed? Depending on bed height, it should work.
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go revised missionary - him laying on his back, you kneeling-but still sitting on your ass. his thighs will be good hand holds for leverage and then you or him can jack him off during sex.
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also - when you say doggie style - do you mean that both of you are kneeling? because if you do - what are the heights of him kneeling on all fours and you standing? if you're too short for that, wear heels. if he's too low for that, get sex furniture like the liberator or a sumosac or just plain old pillows.
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How about he's on his hands and knees but then he spreads his knees out so he's lower. this can be done either keeping the toes together (so he's making a V from his toes to his knees) or keeping the calves parallel and just moving them apart. this may not work if he's really inflexible -- but he should be able to adjust the height from fully up to on the bed.
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Got a couch? Bend him over one of the arms, with his head towards the cushions.
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Heh. Interesting question. You could have him kneel on the edge of the bed or couch and use some type of riser to get to the correct level. Maybe a step trainer (they sell those at target) or cinder blocks or something.

Be sure to update this thread with the results!
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I really like the T-square position during ordinary PIV sex-- have him lie on his back, while you lie on your side with your torso perpendicular to his, and he sort of drapes his bent legs over your ass. It also happens to be a very restful position for both partners, so you can stay in it for a long time!
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Nthing that he should lie on his back and that, with maybe with a pillow under your ass if needed, you should be able to get good leverage kneeling.
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First, for research and science, wander around the house with your strap-on on, and see if anything looks like the height might be right him to lie down/bend over.

On your bed, put him on his back, legs spread apart, with pillows/a foam wedge under his ass so that it's high enough for you to reach it from on top--either kneeling, or missionary(ish), whatever feels good to you. This will take adjustments, extra pillows maybe--good thing your erection never goes away! Put a towel over the pillows/wedge. You can also have him turn over and lie on his stomach on the same pillows for a different-ish angle/dynamic.

You can also lie down and have him get on top. Let him lower himself part of the way onto your strap-on. It might help him to have a wall or something else to help him with his balance at this point. Then once he indicates that he's comfortable with you thrusting, and you get a good idea of where everything is, either one of you can do the work. This is good if he wants a little more control of the situation--he can go very slowly at first and relax onto your strap-on.

Him on top facing away from you--for this position you want the dildo you use to be either flexible at its base, or angled downward (towards your feet.) You lie on your back or sit on the floor/bed with your legs together; he faces away from you with his knees on either side of your legs. He can lean over very far and rest on his elbows. Vigorous thrusting from you isn't so easy with this position--but he can still move back and forth, and you get an awesome view!

Other suggestions here are good. It depends on what angle you both like, his anatomy, the angle of your strap-on, the direction you want to thrust, etc. so experiment!

Check out some porn for has lots of strap-on scenes without the stereotypical fem-dom thing (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Good luck, have fun!
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I'm a short guy and my boyfriends tend to be taller. The really simplest answer: you're a horse, he's a cowboy. This also allows him to control speed of penetration better, though I think that riding is suboptimal for someone inexperienced in being penetrated. Spoons is much better.
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Him on his back, you on your knees between his legs - basically, what nadawi said. Works great, plus you can lean forward and kiss during! It helps to really squat down with your knees spread fairly wide.

Holding his hips or his thighs should help, both for balance and for pulling him towards you. He can put his legs up and over your shoulders, but that might be too heavy and unbalancing. Worth a try, though.

(I'm really short, too, and always end up dating people taller than me.)
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Dunno how much experimenting you and your boy have done thus far, but I have found that straight guys tend to be both more excited by and more emotionally comfortable with a position that is at least nominally face-to-face, rather than from behind, at least at first. Bonus, it lets him watch you and makes it convenient for you to keep your hands on his cock. Plus, watching someone react while being pegged is pretty damn hot (and helps you gauge his comfort without being quite so reliant on him forming words.)
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