I got killed by a mouse in a trashcan!
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Do you remember an old Mac game where you play as a wizard's apprentice who goes to a magic store?

I'm trying to identify this game I played when I was young on my dad's old Mac. It was on an old Apple Macintosh computer - I don't know the exact model, but one of the ones with the built-in monitor like this. The screen was black-and-white.

In the game, you played as a wizard's apprentice, going to a store for him to pick up a list of items he needed for a spell. I'm pretty sure it was point-and-click, first-person perspective.

One of the things I remember most clearly about the game was that if you went into an alleyway behind the store, you would encounter a giant mouse that you would have to fight. If you lost, I think the mouse would kill you, but if you won you could get its skin.

I remember playing it in the early-to-mid 90s, but the computer and the games weren't new, so I'd say the game was probably from the late 80s.

I've done a little hunting on Mobygames, and it isn't The Fool's Errand or Merlin's Apprentice. But Google is failing me, because I keep getting results for wizard programs, etc.
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Enchanted Scepters?

Or one of the games mentioned in this thread?
Dungeon of Doom
Dark Castle
Tomb of the TaskMaker
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I played this game on my dad's Mac Plus and can't remember anything more than you. I looked through this site and I don't see it there, but you might take a look in case I missed it.
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This sounds really familiar to me. Might it be a Sierra game? Maybe one of the King's Quests? I know a few Sierra games were ported to old Macs. Maybe King's Quest 3?
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Response by poster: Looking at the screenshot for Enchanted Scepters, it was definitely similar in feel - static images, from the perspective of your character, with text narration. So it was probably a World Builder game?
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My goodness, I think I remember this one. Wasn't there a bit where you had to get some "old spice," and the game red-herringed you by presenting some garlic and a stick of deodorant?
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Response by poster: I think I remember that part! The game definitely didn't take itself too seriously.
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Best answer: Gordafarin, was it "Wizard's Warehouse"? It matches a lot of the points in your description/recollection. It was released as shareware in 1986 (the author's name is in one of the screenshots on the linked page) and used the World Builder engine, too. There's also a screenshot on the page that shows the game in progress (maybe the first room?), and the in-game text says:
"Whitehound, your master, has just asked you to go to the Wizard's Warehouse to get him some stuff for his spells. He has left you a list, and said that the portal will remain open, so don't worry about getting a cab. Hurry along, now!"
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it totally was "Wizard's Warehouse."
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Wizard's Warehouse! That's got to be it!
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Response by poster: Yes! That is definitely it. Thanks you guys!
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