No really, Sarah Palin?
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I'm not a huge facebook user, but am freaked out by the sudden "People Who Want To Plug The Oil Spill With Sarah Palin" movement I'm seeing - amongst what I thought were people very much opposed to Sarah Palin..

Is there not another way?

Am I without better ways via facebook (we have already joined other venues to assist the oil spill disaster) without also supporting Sarah Palin?

If this is a silly question, take into account that I am internet deficient in many ways right now (bad, bad computer).
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Plug it physically using the body of Sarah Palin -- eh?
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They're saying that Sarah Palin is so useless--like the mud BP tried to use before--that we should use her to plug the hole. Then we wouldn't have to deal with her, either.
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I interpret the sentence "People who want to plug the oil spill with Sarah Palin" to mean they want to physically use Sarah Palin to plug the hole.
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Yep, you're misinterpreting - they want to stuff her in the pipe.
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From the group:

"we have no doubt that when we hit one million people, she'll show her resolve, and take one for the team, doing what no one else on earth has been able to do - stop the BP Oil spill disaster by allowing herself to be the plug that ends the 798,000 gallon-a-day leak that threatens to destroy our coasts."

P.S. That's impossible, and mean! Get it?!
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Response by poster: Oh! I see. I missed the point/ humor entirely and all these people I love are STILL l sane. GOT IT.
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I've also seen a group "Plugging the oil spill with the works of Ayn Rand." Having heard of that group, it's more obvious what the Sarah Palin group means.
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Best answer: I missed the point/ humor entirely

Well......not a lot of hi-larity there anyway. I mean, if the person in the next cubicle made that Palin comment out loud, would you think it was funny? But come up with it on Facebook and you've got people falling all over themselves to be a joiner. But I don't get Facebook crap like this anyway.
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Mod note: bunches of comments removed, feel to go all lulzy over on facebook
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I've also seen Ayn Rand mentioned in this context.
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Yes, there are a mess of facebook groups along this line. My personal favorite is "plugging the oil leak with juggalos". YMMV.
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The news comics (Stewart and Colbert) have been making jokes about this sort of thing since it's been proposed. They ever had a great bit with John Oliver on the Daily Show joking about the top hat (he's a British American).
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