Bond, James Bond in the pool
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Where can I find swim trunks for men like this?

Nothing too crazy, shiny, or small. I prefer to shop online.
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Response by poster: Oh, and as for price-range, I prefer to spend less than $50.
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Best answer: Try the swimwear section at Daffy's. It's hit-or-miss, but if you find something appropriate, it'll probably be decently priced. There are a couple stores on 8th Ave in Chelsea that have stylish bathing suits, but they'll seriously run you $80, which is just absurd.

AussieBum sometimes has reasonable swimsuits, also.
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those are identical, but more than $100...
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Best answer: This one looks pretty close. Try searching for square cut swim trunks.
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The New York Times lists retailers and prices in this slideshow on swimming trunks.
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Zappos has a few in that style in your price range.
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Best answer: international jock
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Be sure to check out this slideshow on men's swimtrunks from today's NYT's.
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Um, err ... or what halogen said!
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BTW -- the swimtrunks modelled in the slideshow are all available (plus many others) at Parke & Ronen (where the photoshoot took place).
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