Help me pick out an awesome new hacky sack
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Help me pick out an awesome new hacky sack.

I have recently started playing a lot of hacky sack at work (we have quite a bit of downtime) and I want to get a quality bag. We have previously been using a sack bought at the local headshop, but I am ready to expand my horizons and get a high-quality product.
Searching online has revealed too many options and not much guidance. This bag will be using almost soley for simply kicking around with friends, not trying to do any crazy tricks or anything like that.
Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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I haven't hacked in years but I remember the Sipa Sipa crocheted hack being pretty much the ultimate, especially after it's burst, lost a few beads and then been stitched up again. Glad to see they're still available.
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I had one like the bag Flashman linked, and we used it for years. Really was a great bag. If you want to go really fancy, get one of the sand-filled ones. But for a good, quality, long lasting bag, I'd go with the Sipa Sipa.
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I don't hack, but the Sipa Sipa I bought in 1990 is still in my backpack and works great. It's got an inkstain from a ballpoint pen that exploded in my backpack in, oh, 1998 or so. But it's a champ.
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"I don't hack much anymore," I meant.
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Yeah, freedomfootbags is your best bet. I'm a big fan of the Mr. Sandbag.
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