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Where do I go in Dallas, TX today for vintage western shirts without breaking the bank? Hopefully in an area with books, CDs and records, etc. Also, where for lunch?

I'm in Ardmore, OK for a work trip for a few weeks. Due to some confusion all I really brought to wear is a sort of uniform that my job provides. I found out the uniform wasn't needed for this trip.

Today, I'm going to drive to Dallas for a few hours and want to buy a few nice (hopefully vintage) Western shirts to add to my collection (and maybe some boots). Where do I get them without breaking the bank? I'm hoping it's in an area good for books, records, CDs, culture, etc.

Also, where do I go for lunch (and do you want to meet me there?)
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Response by poster: Vegetarian lunch, that is.
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Where are you staying in Dallas? The biggest Western chain in the area is Cavender's. I don't know of any "vintage" western stores - a lot of Western stores have closed down recently.
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Response by poster: Just. Isiting Dallas for the day to get outta Ardmore.
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Okay, well Cavender's is located in all the suburbs, away from all the "cultural" spots. You actually might have better luck with all this by visiting Ft. Worth.
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Best answer: Is this the kind of stuff you're looking for? It's in Plano so, uh, good luck on the culture.
Another option would be this place in Fort Worth -- more conveniently located for coming in from Ardmore. Plus if your definition of culture includes art museums, Fort Worth is your friend far more than Dallas.
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Response by poster: Ok. Heading to Ft. Worth then. Anyone up for lunch? I just made it to Dallas but am heading out right away.
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No answers yet? Boo. I just moved here from California very recently but I've found a few cool places that may interest you.
Check this out, brokeaspoke:

Veggie food? I very highly recommend Thai Tanee Cafe. Get the glass noodles. There are also Cafe Brazils everywhere so take your pick and drop by for awesome vegetarian tacos and a raspberry latte. The one I linked you to is in Lower Greenville, near Buffalo Exchange, where you may or may not have some luck finding your (vintage) Western shirts. It's hit and miss, but be warned that it is bursting at the seams with Hipsters™. If you decide to go to Thai Tanee Cafe, you will have the Dallas Galleria right next to you, if you want to stop by to shop. Very big, very nice, very... mall. If you'd like to check out an awesome mall, go to NorthPark Center. I hear a lot of good things about Spiral Diner but I've yet to go. Also, it's a little farther from the rest of these suggestions. For books, everyone raves about Half-Price Books but I've also yet to go. Now, one place I have gone is Good Records. Visit it. It really is great and there is so much to check out in the surrounding area, bars, restaurants, and very unique shops all around it.

That's all I have for now, I'm still getting to know the area myself.
And if you are up for lunch, you can shoot me an email.
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Whoops! Shoulda previewed. I can't believe it took me that long to write a response! Well, enjoy your lunch in FW!
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For cheap and authentic, there's the Justin outlets in Justin -- on the way to Fort Worth. A bit out of the way, but totally reasonable and HUGE.


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Sorry, I meant to embed the links
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Best answer: For vegetarian (nay VEGAN) in Fort Worth -- the spiral diner is great.
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Justin also has an outlet in downtown Fort Worth (google map).
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