Do not pass. Do not pass. Answer this question.
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Movie Title Filter: Help me remember this 80's movie!

-- Came out between 1987-1991
-- End of the world sci fi movie
-- The last shot is of a church, viewed through what could be a blurry security camera, with a static-y voice over explaining the danger.
-- Time travel may have been involved.

(Backstory: I saw this movie in a theater while living in MD. Was completely shocked & creeped-out by the ending. Forgot about it. UNTIL I drove thru a tunnel under Baltimore's inner harbor (in '90-'91) and the damn tunnel TOOK OVER my radio with a static-y message of "Do not pass. Do not pass. Stay in your lane." over and over. Which reminded me of the movie. I can't for the life of me recall anything else but the dread I felt at the end of the movie...)

Thanks MeFites!
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Best answer: Prince of Darkness
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Best answer: Link
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Response by poster: ...and, SCENE!
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Good grief I had almost forgotten about this movie and the creepy as dreams it gave me. I don't know why we felt the need to go in our basement and act out parts of this, I was terrified of mirrors having liquid surfaces for some time.
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One of my favorites from being a kid. Scared me shitless. It's available streaming on Netflix, and I watched it last fall I think. Still pretty scary.
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