English friendly Web hosting in Spain?
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English friendly Web hosting in Spain?

Anybody know of a user friendly, English friendly, web hosting provider with servers located in Spain?

I want the web server in Spain, but I don't speak Spanish. I know nothing about Spanish web providers so any suggestions would be appreciated.

VPS providers would be good to know as well.

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Why has the server to be in Spain? Even for a .es domain the server could be anywhere.
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Best answer: I have no experience or suggestions for hosting in spain based on experience, but from 5 minutes of googling, web hosting = Alojamiento web. I got some useful results googling for: '"alojamiento web" "web hosting" spain'. Found several hosting providers which are in spain:
* AlojaliA.com, datacenters in Barcelona.
* Entorno.es, which doesn't specify where their servers are, but are based in spain.
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